Mark Bowden and his team remodeled a 1950 ranch home for me pretty much from the studs up.  It was in terrible shape,  an abandoned foreclosure with holes in the walls and an interior that was a complete mess. But the lay out of the home was just what I was looking for, if I could find someone to help me realize the dream.  On the recommendation of a friend, I called Mark Bowden.  After gutting the interior, Mark reconfigured some interior walls, relocated utilities, created a laundry area, installed a new kitchen and bathrooms, and re-did my home’s exterior.  (The house next door that was renovated at the same time already has peeling paint.  My house paint is fine!)  Mark knew I was interested in a light and airy interior and found and recommended light hardwood floors that I love and would never have known about on my own.

My favorite thing about working with Mark is that he listened to all of my questions and ideas and he always gave me honest and reasoned responses.  I was always treated with respect by Mark and his team. Even though I had many questions and made a few missteps in my planning, I never felt that “rolling eyes” response from Mark or his team.  Not once.  Mark came in on budget and on time and, six years later, I am still completely pleased with my home.  As far as I am concerned, Mark Bowden is the best thing since sliced bread.  Mona


I’m a local attorney who handles numerous real estate transactions.  I have sold property to Mark and have used him on several construction projects, including my personal residence.  I find him straightforward, honest and timely, and the construction of the highest quality.  If Mark says he’ll do it, it gets done.  Because of his honesty on one project, my partner and I loaned him money with no written mortgage, just a handshake and verbal assurance he’d pay it back.  He did so, before the loan came due.  I’d recommend Mark and Bowden Complete Construction to any one.  Darryl Graves


I’ve hired Mark for projects from small handyman jobs to complete builds on custom homes.  What impresses me most about Mark is the ease of use I get.  If I need a remodel done, all I have to do is show him the property and tell him the end goal.  He will take it from there.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone. Joel